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How to growth eyelashes naturally with this product?

Idol Lash Reviews - The Best Product For Beautiful Eyes!

You want to have thick eyelashes, long and bulky for an intense look, seductive? It is now possible thanks to simple natural remedies which soon will give you amazing results. Idol Lash Reviews will show how to stimulate the growth of eyelashes without using cosmetic products - - last cry, maybe expensive, which over time could affect the natural growth and weaken the stem up to the inexorable fall.

Like hair, eyelashes also have a growth path. If you fall or if the cilia are damaged or shaves because of mascara or some dye, you have to wait for them to grow again. The length and health of your lashes are linked to a genetic factor. However, there are several natural remedies to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. How can you help your eyelashes to grow? This article will suggest some nutrients to be taken and other simple tricks to show off long eyelashes and healthy.

Idol Lash will become the first and at the moment only treatment to increase the length, the thickness and the black of the lashes; new offer from Allergan, with several major pharmaceutical medicines for sale, Idol Lash has recently been approved by the American FDA and will probably put on the market in the first half of 2009 in the United States. Another product is Latisse. Latisse provides an evening daily use through a sterile applicator for exclusive use for each eye. The drug must be applied on clean skin, after any removal of contact lenses. A more frequent use does not accelerate in any way the appearance of the effects.

If it applied regularly Latisse manifests the first visible effects, in terms of length, thickness and darkening of eyelashes, in 8 weeks, to get to full effect after 4 months. Once suspended the treatment effects on the eyelashes tend gradually to disappear in a matter of weeks, with the fall of the treated eye. To help you can serve, for at least three months, a supplement of 1 mg of melatonin, which seems to be able to adjust the stages of growth of hair, including hair and eyelashes.

To have a look that electrocution, then, the make up is not enough, you have to appear healthy. Because, just like the hair, the eyelashes may break, weaken, even fall. The eyelashes grow just like any other body hair. Genes have a specific growth cycle that allows them to grow regularly. Each follicle produces various hairs in your lifetime. They possess on average from 90 to 150 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and 70 to 80 on the bottom. Usually the eyelashes grow to a length below the centimeter and have nerve sensors that make the eyelid closes when a speck of dust touches one. Aesthetically, they frame the eye.

The active eyelash growth phase is called anagen and its duration varies by sex and from person to person, but usually is between I 30 and 45 days. The length of this stage determines the length of each eyelash. It is a matter of genetics and you can not make changes to have faster growth.
The catagen phase is the intermediate or rest and takes place after the anagen phase. During this long period, the growth stops and does not produce pigment. The base of the follicle shrinks toward the skin surface. The phase lasts between two and three weeks.
Anyway! Idol Lash is one of the best eyelash product, that can help you growth your eyelashes fast and naturally and to look beautiful!

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